Case Studies

You have a graduate student and you’ve assigned them to analyze 20 transcriptomes. What resources are available to help them with this project?

  • Planning - sit down with our biological experts to develop an analysis plan and estimated time line for your data set.
  • Training - talk to us about your training requirements and learn about upcoming training courses.
  • Compute resources - from laptop, to cloud to high computing; get expert advice on how to use the resources you need to complete your analysis.

You have a grant proposal due in 4 months and you need some preliminary data...

  • Planning - sit down with our biological experts to discuss realistic goals for generating data
  • Work with use to develop an experimental design that best addresses your hypotheses
  • Work with us to develop an analysis plan.
  • We can help write relevant sections of the experimental plan (including data generation, analysis and sharing).

Your grant proposal is due in 2 weeks and you need a data management plan and a data analysis section for your experimental design...

  • Work with us to develop your experimental plan (including data analysis).
  • We provide text to support experimental design and data management for your grant.
  • Our biologically trained experts are experienced at developing grant proposals for a range of funding agencies (including NIH, NSF, USDA).

Your collaborator/postdoc left you a hard-drive of FastQ data containing genomes that you need to assemble, annotate and scan for variants...Where do you start with this data?

  • Meet with our group to evaluate your data and plan your analyses
  • Get training on using UA High Throughput Computing facilities