Genome Assembly

From project planning for assembling a new genome (what technologies to use and how much data to generate) to assembling genomes of various sizes.

 Genome Structural Annotation

Structural annotations such as genes, protein coding sequences, tRNAs, repeat sequences in a genome.

 Genome Functional Annotation

Functional domains and motifs, gene ontologies, and other information to structural gene models.

 Variant Analysis

Identify SNPs and small indels using resequencing genome data, predict the effects of variants on annotated protein coding sequence, and population level selection analyses.


Identify methylation frequency along a genome using bisulfite sequencing data.


A variety of services including de novo transcript assembly, quantitating transcript levels, and determining differential gene expression.

 Functional Genomics

Complete services for all types of functional genomics projects utilizing epigenomics, transcriptomics, small RNAs, functional annotations, and diversity datasets and services.

 General Bioinformatics

Contact us to ask about any Bioinformatics needs you may  have.